Berlin 2018: The Dementor Race

I've been thinking all week long about how I was going to write this blog post. I've spent the past week going through some variations of the 5 stages of grief (mostly anger, sadness, depression, and acceptance). Berlin was my "A" race this year. All efforts geared toward this moment. My training was  flawless and... Continue Reading →

The London Big Half

Today was the inaugural Big Half half marathon. Put on by the team who organise the London Marathon, it was billed as a nice race for London Marathon training, with some of the course running along the London marathon route. This week had lots of snow and ice, so it was a last minute decision... Continue Reading →

Setting goals: looking back

The whole point of this blog is to keep an online diary of what I'm doing to reach my goals; but thought it was important to look back at my 2017 goals, and where I came from, before looking ahead. In 2017 I had two goals: Finish a marathon Break the 2 hour mark for... Continue Reading →

The first post: aka, where it started

  I really dislike "the first post." It feels like a lot of pressure to write something witty, encouraging, inspiring, and, most importantly in the blog world, something that makes people want to read more.  The reality is, that I want to use this as an online diary, filled with pictures, about what the heck... Continue Reading →

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