Why you Need Trust and Kindness in Running

A funny thing can happen when you don’t hit a goal in a race. You are fired up to go again, asking your body to push a little bit harder. Sometimes your body responds positively, but oftentimes your body tells you no, in every way possible.

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Ever since Berlin, I’ve been fired up to redeem myself. My Coach gave me a solid training plan and I was ready to go again. My body had other plans.

A mild case of hamstring tendonopathy

A bad half marathon in Amsterdam

A WAY higher than normal resting heart rate (on average, about 5-7 bpm)

Poor runs

Poor sleeps

Every signal has been loud and clear, and every signal I’ve ignored.

Rest 1 day, then try pushing again. Have a bad run, get frustrated. Take a rest day, then try again. See the osteopath, do some rehab, try again. Rinse, repeat.

I’ve ignored every signal when the answer was obvious – REST and KINDNESS.

My body has gone through 10 solid months of training for multiple marathons. This straight from a 2-month hiatus thanks to my ankle sprain in November.

I’ve run 1165 miles (to date) since January.

I’ve run 4 marathons (to date) in less than 2 years.

My body has done AMAZING things this year. We’ve trained in ways I could never have imagined when I got serious about running marathons 2 years ago.

My body listened to me every time I asked of it, and I haven’t re-paid the favour.

It’s taken me a lot to finally LISTEN to my body. It’s not hitting targets in training because it’s TIRED. It’s given so much, and I need to TRUST that no amount of sleep, proper nutrition and rehab is going to solve the simple fact that my body is burned out.

Now comes the hard part. KINDNESS.

I have a marathon in less than 2 weeks. I am extremely competitive, and I want redemption from what I feel was a poor performance in Berlin.

BUT, I owe myself some KINDNESS. To listen to the signals. To allow what happened in Berlin to not dictate where my body is RIGHT NOW.

This doesn’t mean I’m scrapping the marathon. It means I’m adjusting my goals for Florence.

I am adjusting scrapping my training plan to focus on easy runs.

I’m giving myself permission to enjoy this marathon, with no pressure for a time; no further demands on my body than to get through 26.2 miles at whatever pace it fancies.

This will be easier said than done. I know myself well enough to know that I will want to ask my body for one more push to close out this year. It may happen, but if it doesn’t, I will show myself some kindness to recognize all that’s been achieved this year. And that will be ok too.




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