Berlin Marathon Training – Week 2

I’m a few weeks behind on updating on my training calendar – sorry!

Work – blah blah blah. Insert excuse here.

If we both take a short trip down memory lane, week 1 launched with a 40-mile training plan, including the Vitality 10K. It ended with a 15 mile hot long run.

Week 2 was much the same: another 40 mile training week that looked like this:

Monday: PT session and Hot Pod Yoga

Tuesday: 1m w/u; 12×3 mins alternating reps at 10K and 5K pace ie, 6 at each pace (:60 rec) w/d

Wednesday: 4 miles easy

Thursday: 7 miles steady

Friday: 1m w/u; 3 miles HMP; 1.5 miles 10K; 3 miles HMP (continuous)

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 14 miles steady

How it went down: 

Monday: Both sessions done – YAY

Tuesday: Session complete – YAY

Wednesday: Global Running Day. 5K session with LDN Brunch Club

Thursday: Didn’t run – BOO

Friday: Exhausted and sacked off run

Saturday: Friday’s session complete – YAY

Sunday: 6.5 miles solo + 6.5 w/ LDN Brunch Club – 13/14 complete

Total for that week: 30/40 miles.

As it was only week 2, I opted not to beat myself up over 1 missed run, especially given that I got up on Saturday morning to complete my Friday workout. That meant that my legs were tired on Sunday and those last 5 miles were TOUGH. Thankfully I had Laura and the rest of the LDN Brunch Club to keep me going.

Week 2 of Berlin: complete. On to next week.




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