Berlin Marathon Training – Week 1

This week marked the start of my Berlin Marathon training, and what better way to kick it off than with the Vitality London 10K.

Willy and I ran this course last year, and it was the first time we’ve started a race together since last year’s Berlin Marathon (due to injuries for us both). It was GREAT to be back on the start line together, to wish each other luck and to meet up afterward for food and beers with the LDN Brunch Club.


I didn’t come close to my 50-minute goal, but did run this course 2 minutes faster than last year. Clearly there is work to be done, both physically and mentally (especially mentally), but that’s why we’re training.

Before I get into the rest of my training week, a quick note: I am working with a coach, and my training is tailored for me, based on the goals we’ve discussed together. If my training plan looks completely different than yours, do not worry. We’re all on our own training journeys.

Week 1/15: 40 miles

  • Monday – Vitality 10K
  • Tuesday – REST
  • Wednesday – 4 miles (easy)
  • Thursday – 6 miles (steady)
  • Friday – w/u- 3 miles c 8.30 (:90 sec), 9 x 2 mins 5k pace (:60) w/d
  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – 15 miles steady



Hot days, hot runs. My favourite run was probably Friday’s session. It was hard, but I like when the training plan mixes things up. Today’s 15 miler was actually GRIM. It was 72 degrees when I set off and 76 degrees when I returned a few hours later. My mantra to get through it: this is where marathons are made.  I used the same mantra training for London, but then it was hot as Hades, so I think this is actually more accurate.

So that’s it for the week. It’s mentally been tough getting back into training, and mentally tough not hitting my race goals, but they WILL come.

Let me know what you’re training for and how you’re getting along in the heat.


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