Setting Goals: 2018 Plans

In one of my last few posts I talked about setting goals, and looked back on my goals for 2017.  It was a foundation year and I really wanted to go into 2018 building that foundation. When I got a spot for the London Marathon, I wanted so badly for that race to be my honest attempt to break the 4-hour marathon. I started putting the pieces into place after the Berlin Marathon – I started working with a PT to build my strength, I found a running coach who didn’t think my goal sounded crazy, and I was happily training myself for a last minute decision to run the Valencia marathon.

The Sunday before Valencia, I was rushing out the door and made a split bad decision. That split bad decision resulted in me missing a stair on the way out the door, and spraining my ankle pretty badly. It literally stopped me in my tracks – no running, no yoga, no barre, no PT, NOTHING. For 6 weeks, I was not able to do anything except walk a bit and rehab.

That delay put everything on hold. When I was given the green light in January to begin running again, I immediately reached out to my running coach to start our work. During our introductory session we talked about what I wanted this year, and what I want in the coming years (including a BQ.) Coach said a sub 4 hour marathon was going to be really tough for London due to missed training time and an injured ankle, so we should focus on getting as close to my Berlin time during London, and then make Berlin 2018 (yep, we’re doing it again). So with that, here are my 2018 goals:


  • London: Beat Berlin 2017 (4:11:44) – My aim: 4:05 – 4:10
  • Berlin – Sub 4 fun bus

Half Marathon:

  • Break 1:50 (my PB time is 1:53)


Race one of these and aim for a sub 50

So, there you have it.

What are your goals for runs this year?


One thought on “Setting Goals: 2018 Plans

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  1. Your story is a good reminder for me to STOP running down the stairs to catch the subway. I’ve been lucky for a long time!
    Glad you are back to healthy and up and running. Your goals look incredible. I would really love to run Berlin, one of my favorite cities! Good luck with everything!


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