As a long-time runner, I used to think if you didn’t get a good sweat on whilst you were working out, it wasn’t really a workout.

Then about seven years ago my doctor told me that my knees were rubbish and I wouldn’t be able to run anymore. I tried to compensate with weight-lifting but didn’t like the bulk I got from building muscle. Then a friend convinced me to try barre exercises, and the rest is history.

You’re probably already familiar with the benefits of barre for sculpting long, lean muscles – but did you know it’s also the perfect cross-training exercise to complement with running?

Today I’m blogging over at Barrecore talking about 5 reasons why barre is the perfect cross-training partner for marathon runners. Go and give it a read.

*Full disclosure: I’m an instructor at Barrecore, but my passion for teaching barre stemmed from the results I got as a student of barre exercises and its ability to strengthen my legs to run again.

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