Enter The (Run) Matrix

Last night I had the chance to join the LDN Brunch Club to test out Digme Fitness‘ new class, Run Matrix before it officially launches next week.

Run Matrix is built on 3 key pillars: Run, Condition, Move. This class is geared toward runners to ensure we’re targeting often neglected areas of training (like mobility and strength training). Here’s a bit more about what the class entailed.



Not done on your usual dreadmills, Digme has invested in SkillMills. These things are AWESOME as the belt is powered by you. This means you can go from 0-60 as quickly as you are able to. The belt is curved, which is designed to help your form as you run and encourage a forefoot strike (and also help you speed up at the front of the SkillMill). I found it took some getting used to, and wasn’t quite confident enough to sprint at full speed.



This element was comprised of TRX and kettlebell exercises. Across the rounds we did various exercises including squat jumps  and core work with the TRX, and lunges and clean presses with the kettlebells. I LOVE working with kettlebells, and you can tell from my face that I take focusing on my form very seriously.

me Lunging_Digme



The third element of Run Matrix is around movement and mobility.  Using a bosu, we were doing things like single leg balances and  spinal rotations. This was the most difficult part of class for me, but great to realize how much work I still need to do to regain the strength and balance in my left ankle.

Bosu balancebosu balance2

The class included a warm-up and ended with a cool down that included using a lacrosse ball for trigger point massage into our glutes and feet (one of my favorite torture devices).


The class was fun and no section was too long that you felt like you couldn’t work through the burn.

Run Matrix is launching at Digme’s Blackfriar and Oxford studios starting next week. If you’re new to Digme, they’ve got a great introductory offer of £20 for 3 classes. I’d highly recommend taking up that offer and checking out Run Matrix as quickly as you can.


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